Job Details: Business Intelligence Executive

Position: Business Intelligence Executive

Location: IDA Business & Technology Park — Roscommon.

Company: Multi-Color Corporation


Only those registered and logged-in as graduates may apply for jobs.

Description of Role

The Business Intelligence Executive will be responsible for the following key activities:

  1. Research, carrying out extensive business intelligence work in future sectors of focus (e.g. Healthcare; Heavy Machinery, Electronics)
  2. Competitor Analysis – establish an active database on future sector competitors (Ireland, UK and Europe)
  3. On-line Business Content – prepare new business digital content for use on web-site and social media channels
  4. Website – improve website and implement new content, monitoring controls and optimisation practices
  5. Data Analysis – compile, analyse and present all data

Key Deliverables

The key deliverable of the role is to support the business achieve its three main goals as follows:

  1. Grow the Durable Label Business in Ireland and the UK, so that we deliver 15% year on year growth.
  2. Develop our value proposition, so that we can leverage broader MCC competencies in pursuing durable label opportunities in Europe
  3. Develop our website, digital marketing, social media and general business intelligence capabilities so that we deliver our business development goals.

The development and implementation of best practices in business intelligence will directly support the decision-making processes in the achievement of these goals. This is why the availability of a Business Intelligence Executive is so important to the site.


Skills & Knowledge Requirements

The ideal candidate will be a business graduate and be skilled and knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Completing market research
  • Carrying out competitor analysis
  • Gathering, compiling and analysing data and building business intelligence
  • Preparing company content for website and social media

The candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills, excellent interpersonal capabilities and be proactive and hard working.

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